Your J.A. Long Benefits

Since 1972, J.A. Long Design Builders has designed and constructed hundreds of custom homes in virtually all areas of Jacksonville and St. Augustine, including Clay County, Duval County, Nassau County and St. Johns County. J.A. Long is recognized for its innovative, original, and from-scratch designs.

J.A. Long offers the following benefits:

  • More Choices & Flexibility – An extensive portfolio of plans with a variety of styles and sizes created over the last four decades, along with memberships in several premier builder and master builder programs, gives you a wider selection of plans and designs from across the country. J.A. Long has the resources to locate the “perfect plan” that reflects your vision and personal style, or can modify an existing plan or start from scratch.
  • Deal Direct, Save Time and Money – When you build with J.A. Long, you deal directly with John, Linda, Randy and Ryan Long. Working hand-in-hand with an experienced, technically proficient custom builder eliminates the intermediary – saving you time and money when taking an idea from concept to reality.
  • Maximizing Your Return On Investment – J.A. Long creates unique new homes with superior value, using extensive experience to protect you from unnecessary expenses and offering design solutions to ensure your custom home meets your expectations from a functional, stylistic and price standpoint.
  • Better Craftsmanship and Pricing – Longevity in the building industry translates into long-term relationships with the best craftsmen in northeast Florida, allowing J.A. Long to provide you with outstanding quality at the best price.
  • Personal Attention – J.A. Long has developed a design-build process that results in timely and clear communication throughout the home-building process.
  • Zero Claims and Lower Costs – J.A. Long uses integrated computer systems, internal controls, checklists and processes to produce a systematic approach to the custom building process, achieving a Bonded Builder zero claim rating – and minimizing costs giving you the best possible price.
  • Deal With a Local Builder Committed to Your Neighborhood – J.A. Long’s success will rise with that of the community. As long-time residents of Jacksonville, J.A. Long is committed to building beautiful homes that stand the test of time and serve as a testament to J.A. Long’s quality workmanship.
  • Proven Results and Stability – J.A. Long knows its family name and reputation is on the line with every home it builds. As a conservatively managed, family-owned custom home builder, J.A. Long has a 40-year track record of financial stability, credibility and integrity.