ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

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The Long Family thanks all the contractors, volunteers and contributors for helping make the dream of a new home a reality for a worthy Middleburg family. The ABC Team selected Carrie Prewitt, a high school volleyball coach who lives in Middleburg, Florida, as the recipient of a new home. Prewitt became the legal guardian of one of her players, Ashley Brewer — along with Ashley’s two younger sisters, Taylor and Gina — after the Brewers girls’ parents passed away.

Click here to check out J.A. Long’s Extreme Makeover Page for photos and video blogs taken before and during their ‘extreme’ homebuilding experience.

J.A. Long, along with co-builder ARK Remodeling & Construction of Gainesville, transformed Prewitt’s small, run-down house into a new home within one week.

J.A. Long Delivers Unique Custom Homes with Superior Value

Since 1972, J.A. Long Design Builders has designed and constructed hundreds of custom homes in virtually all areas of Jacksonville and St. Augustine, including Clay County, Duval County, Nassau County and St. Johns County.

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J.A. Long builds unique new homes with superior value. Our extensive experience as a custom homebuilder allows us to protect you from unwise choices and any unnecessary expenses that would detract from the pleasure of building your dream home. J.A. Long is dedicated to building custom homes that give our clients real dollar value.

J.A. Long has attracted a wide range of clients over the years — from local real estate professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the Jacksonville real estate market to first-time home buyers. However, several characteristics remain the same among our clients. Whether they are building a 2,000-square-foot home or a large luxury estate, or undertaking a major remodeling project, they demand great design, functionality, and quality. Our clients are looking for more than a production or tract home.

Offering Solutions and Innovative Ideas

With J.A. Long, the design possibilities are endless. However, what our clients love the most is our ability to solve problems. Using our experience and expertise, J.A. Long will propose design solutions that work for your family. That’s how J.A. Long adds value. Smart design, innovative ideas and establishing new standards that exceed your expectations – that’s why our clients choose J.A. Long Design Builders time and time again.

Strong relationships are the foundation of each J.A. Long custom home.

We understand our clients. We’re committed to exceeding expectations and building value by following the principles that have made us successful over the last four decades:

  • J.A. Long believes that a custom home should not be built without first building a strong, long-lasting relationship with our client.
  • We live, work and play in the Jacksonville community. This is our home and we are your neighbors. J.A. Long understands that every home we build reflects upon our family. That’s why we are committed to using the finest materials and building techniques so that your home will stand the test of time.
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  • As a residential home builder that has built hundreds of custom homes over the last four decades (with many repeat clients), we understand that your home building experience should be exciting and rewarding. With that in mind, J.A. Long Custom Builders has developed a design-build process that’s client-focused and stress-reducing.
  • Our longevity and experience has allowed us to identify and develop relationships with the best craftsman and tradesman in northeast Florida. These long standing relationships allow us to provide our clients with outstanding quality at the best price. We are absolutely committed to providing value.
  • J.A. Long’s design-build process facilitates timely and clear communication throughout the home building process. We are committed to open communication. The J.A. Long team is always accessible from the planning and design phase to the construction phase – and long after your home is built. Our highly skilled team works together to bring out the best of our combined talents, experiences and knowledge.

Four Decades Dedicated to Quality and Personal Attention

Four decades of experience, delivering outstanding quality, using superior materials, creating distinctive designs and providing a personalized design/build service for clients: these are the characteristics that separate J.A. Long from the competition.

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Please visit the rest of the website and take a look at our photos. After all, pictures tell a thousand words. Then give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to building your new home and making your dreams a reality.